May 19, 2021

Beyond CEO: Exploring the Range of Rewarding Startup Career Paths

Founding a genomics or biotech company is the dream for some, but not all. Luckily, for those interested in transitioning from academia to industry, there are many paths to a successful and rewarding career via the startup world that don’t require being a founder. During our spring meetup online event, we explored some of the diverse roles that exist in startups and provided opportunities for students and those curious about their career paths to interact and learn from professionals who are leaders but are not founders or CEOs.

We were also thrilled to have welcomed long-time biotech entrepreneur and technology innovator Stephen Turner, PhD, founder and CTO for Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) for a fireside chat with Phase Genomics founder and CEO Ivan Liachko, PhD. As a widely recognized industry pioneer, Stephen shared his personal journey from academia to commercialization and provided his unique insights for students and graduates considering their own future paths.

Thank you to our speakers

Turner, PhD

Founder and CTO of Pacific Biosciences


Dir. of Marketing, Navigating Cancer

Kiss, PhD

Director of Sales and BD North America, Refeyn

Hayes, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer at Immusoft Corporation


Graduate Research Assistant

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