Genome Startup Day

Supporting students, genomics startup founders, investors, service providers, media, and job seekers through virtual and in-person events.

Spring Meetup 2021: Beyond CEO

On May 19, 2021 we gathered a panel of professionals to share their advice and experiences with transitioning from academia to industry. Together, we explored the rage of rewarding startup career paths that extend beyond the roles of founders and CEOs.

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Strategies for Success in a Pandemic World

In July 2020 we gathered a new group of startup leaders from across Washington state to discuss how they have found success during uncertain times. Dr. Jordan Zager and Dr. Paul Mihalyov from Dewey Scientific, Dr. David Younger from A-Alpha Bio, and Dr. Will Canestaro from Washington Research Foundation, shared which strategies they have used after having experience guiding their own entrepreneurship.

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Genome Startup Day 2020

Originally aired on October 14th, Genome Startup Day 2020 featured some of the country’s brightest genomics startup founders who shared personal insights, lessons and candid reflections on their journeys from academia to entrepreneurship. We also explored the current genomics investment climate across the US with two investors who shared their unique vantage point from living on opposite coastlines.

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We launched Genome Startup Day as a forum to inform and inspire those scientists advancing genomics in academia to explore commercialization. As biotech startup founders ourselves, we offer an insider’s perspective on how to get started, pitfalls to avoid, and opportunities to pursue.

Dr. Ivan Liachko
Founder & CEO of Phase Genomics, Inc.

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